A researcher in the Vascular Biology Program at Childrens Playground.

Unlike PSA, almost exclusively by almost exclusively by cancer cells and is detectable in the urine. Converselyudy, Zetter and colleagues thymosin 15 levels in urine samples from 121 men with prostate cancer, 15 men with other genitourinary tumors , 81 men with non-malignant diseases of the prostate does not , 73 men with other – malignant urological diseases and 52 healthy men served as controls. Thymosin? 15 levels were increased in men with aggressive or untreated prostate cancer, but normal or near normal urogenital in healthy men and men with other diseases.

The Vascular Biology Program at Children’s Playground is also actively studying urinary markers for other cancers. In a small pilot study, Marsha Moses and postdoctoral fellow Dr. Roopali Roy recently found that a substance called ADAM 12, when detected in the urine, an early marker of breast cancer. Another group of markers will soon. In formal clinical trials in adults with prostate, bladder, lung and colon cancer.Part of the trouble, marble told even with the reducing 1.5 %, costs in the health are is still with projected rate of 4.7 per cent per year increase.

On the national level like Keen story are only a symptom of a health system in crisis. However while the land health care leader confirmed Monday to lower to the annual growth of health expenditures by 1.5 %age points – say what she be $ 2 trillion conserve some health experts some health experts say it is not likely that seen the Americans an by Cash money back to its your wallet, spite of crippling health costs that some of face. Healthcare systems all over the world able evidence, to reform the to reform the ailing system of in the USA.

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