And millions more around the world can not MRI scans safely

Nearly 1,000chnology provide safe MRI exams for women with breast cancer and other implantable devicesUnlike the MRI mammography has the added benefits of the patient is not harmful radiation . It is particularly unfortunate that millions of people with implantable medical devices in the United States alone, and millions more around the world can not MRI scans safely. – In his March edition, published in the New England Journal of Medicine a study of the function and effectiveness of magnetic resonance imaging in the detection of breast cancer focused. MRI use magnetic fields to highlight and differentiate between normal and abnormal tissue. Was diagnosed in nearly 1,000 women with breast cancer in one breast, an MRI scan was able to detect breast cancer in the other breast in 3 % women. The presence of these abnormal tissues was missed both mammography and clinical examination.

Financial losses. People in Asia could in five years without additional funding, improved government response Double, says CommissionThe number of HIV-positive people in Asia could more than double, to 20 million in the next five years it should be increased because funding levels and the governments more responsive to the epidemic, said officials of the Commission to AIDS in Asia on Friday on a two-day Southeast Asia sub-regional workshop in Manila, Philippines , reports the AP / ABCNews. There are 8.6 million people living with HIV in Asia, according to the AP / ABCNews. The Commission considers that an average 500,000 people in Asia from AIDS-related illnesses a year die, and the disease causes an estimated 10 in in financial losses. According to the Commission, which is funded by UNAIDS, the number could almost triple to $ 29000000000, without greater control of the epidemic in the next five years. In addition, although UNAIDS estimates that people with HIV people living with HIV / AIDS with access to antiretroviral treatment for more than three-fold increase since 2003, efforts to of people in Asia who need the drugs currently have access to them. According to UNAIDS, Thailand ‘s is the only country in the region who need antiretroviral access to at least 50 percent of people that. Regional responses to HIV funding is required annually at 10 percent of $ 5 billion, the Commission said. Chakravarthy Chakravarthy Rangarajan, Chairman of the Economic Advisory Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Council, more than 80 percent of current financing for HIV / AIDS in the region by foreign aid agencies, and he said the region has focused on generating domestic funding concentrate. According to the Commission included the factors that cause a bad reaction to the regional HIV / AIDS epidemic, and the lack of awareness and understanding among policy makers about the long-term impact of HIV / AIDS, difficulty in predicting the dynamics of disease progression a lack of funding. In addition, sex is a taboo topic in the region, and there are few efforts J. People about the subject. Further, sex with multiple partners and drug use often as criminal acts that leave many vulnerable groups of stigma and limited access to health services, the Commission said (AP / ABCNews.

APD791 has Arena determine intern discover oral drug candidates for the treat of arterial thrombosis.

The American Heart Association estimates that in the USA with 13.6 millions live 2004 survived either of heart attack or a stroke. To reduce the risk of future events, the medication obtain every day anti-thrombotic therapy.

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