Now is not the time to drastic changes in the way Medicaid is to be administered.

Adds that adds that ‘fighting each state to the health system challenges meet presented by an estimated 47 million Americans without health insurance without health insurance ‘, and Congress should do ‘what they can Medicaid Medicaid dollars and government finances from getting worse. ” ‘top priority’for the next government should ‘to question and demand accountability for the way in which to spend in the states Medicaid funds ‘within the meaning of the Commercial Code Appeal (Memphis Commercial Appeal.. CQ HealthBeat Examines Debate Over New Medicaid RegulationsEditorial hit ‘With a new government in office in January next year and implement their own approach to health care and other issues issues, now is not the time to drastic changes in the way Medicaid is to be administered, ‘a Memphis Commercial Appeal editorial.

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