The students were randomly divided into two groups of eight delivery.

The students were randomly divided into two groups of eight, the alcohol group and the control group selected. The control group participants consumed no alcohol, she participated in a joint dinner delivery . Those in the alcohol group were alcoholic drinks served and could consume as much as they wanted. In a separate dinner, all 8 experts were said to consume as much alcohol as they wanted. One researcher was obtained in every case and noted signs of intoxication and alcohol in both groups . 9:00 The next day, all participants did simulated surgical skill performance tests on the MIST – VR at 9:00 and 04.

CF102 a small molecule drug at the at the A3 adenosine receptor agonist, a favorable safety profile, Overexpress results from its selective activity on diseased cells. Overexpress latter express the receptor while normal cells very low levels of A3 receptor.


Being the largest single investment in research ever been made from the Company all over Britain.

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