San Francisco Chronicle: Decades into the AIDS epidemic.

San Francisco Chronicle: Decades into the AIDS epidemic, the answers are ready of when found found will, editorial chronicling and adding that education and prevention – including wider testing. Adopted to early to catch infectious According to the editorial staff should ban on federal money needle needle exchange programs in December. marks the 20th world AIDS Day, one of those calendar markings that sounds artificial, the editorial says, adding, But with the deadly – and preventable – numbers heading in new directions, it is a moment to highlight the struggle the fight is far from over, (San Francisco Chronicle.

.. Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Rwanda new Times: Although the world the number of people with HIV / AIDS has leveled off and the number of new HIV cases has declined, [n] ow is the time prevention prevention and reduction of the impact of HIV / AIDS, Executive Director of the United Nations Fund for Population activities, writes in a times guest commentary. HIV prevention remains the first line of defense and must alongside alongside treatment, Obaid added that New Times, 11/30) Together we must to take measures to universal access to prevention, treatment and care.Jim Jackson, Chief Executive from AD Scotland, said: Although this is an animal study as a break of potentially of considerable interest, however, has much more research to be done prior a cure to AD will real we have whether they whether these man-made connections have safe products for human use and how early in the diseases these effects may observed. .

Sixty fifth Alzheimer’s research with cautious optimism by Alzheimer Scotland Welcomes.

AD Scotland welcomes the latest findings of St. Andrews University on Alzheimer’s illness but recommends additional research in this important sector. Which Fife based scientists in collaboration with U.S. Researchers by develop a compound that has success preventing the disease killed brain cells .

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