Has passed new guidelines to help change the real way Americans think about salt.

Rohack says one cup of canned soup can contain more than 50 % of the FDA suggested daily allowance, and a serving of lasagna in a cafe can put a diner over their suggested daily sodium allowance in just one meal. Such illustrations highlight the importance of a national reduction in the quantity of sodium in prepared and cafe foods says Rohack. The suggestions adopted today call on the FDA to revoke the ‘generally recognized as safe’ status of salt and to develop regulatory actions to limit sodium in prepared and restaurant foods. They also want discussion on methods to improve labeling to assist consumers in understanding the quantity of sodium contained in processed food products and to develop label markings and warnings for foods high in sodium.Because healthy patients were discharged much previously and often needed only a CT scan and an individual blood test, their health care costs were lower. It appears like CT saves time and money for the health care system in those who have no blockages in their coronary arteries. Though just a modest amount of cash is saved per patient, it could save a complete lot of cash considering the millions of patients affected across the country, Dr. Hoffmann said. CT allows you to spend your health care dollars concentrating on the people who are actually sick. One could argue that this is a better use of health care resources. CT scans also provide useful prognostic details that doctors can refer back again to if the patient experiences chest pain again. If their CT scan displays clear center arteries, we know from our prior ROMICAT I research that their prognosis over the next two years is really good, which may be useful farther down the road, Dr.

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