One-year results of bronchial thermoplasty in refractory asthmaAsthmatx.

The publication reports that despite a transient increase in procedure related adverse events in patients with long-term improvement in lung function, quality of life and asthma control and a reduction in rescue medication use in patients with bronchial thermoplasty treated.. One-year results of bronchial thermoplasty in refractory asthmaAsthmatx, a medical device company that has developed a catheter-based procedures investigation for the treatment of asthma, announced the publication of data from research into severe asthmatics Trial bronchial thermoplasty in the the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine .

In this group of patients with severe asthma increase in respiratory increase in respiratory symptoms was expected and observed during the period immediately after the procedure. Most occurred within one day after the procedure and resolved on average within a week. After the treatment time respiratory symptoms in both treatment groups were similar.The phase I / II study involved patient of UMHS and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the BIKE is developed for future commercial applications under license from nephros Therapeutics Inc. The patients were seriously ill, and with renal failure. Several other diseases including septicemia, multiple organ dysfunction, acute respiratory distress syndrome and postoperative complications.

For being a randomized, controlled stage II trial the BIKE in the acute kidney failure in six at six academic medical centers with its Investigational New Drug, Buy now underway carried Nephros Therapeutics Inc. The trial is expected to expand to more centers in the course by this year. UMHS researchers have also planned, from 1578 to 1588 a period I / II studies to explore evaluating the safety which BIKE for those with end-stage chronic kidney disease. The investigator is not looking for more volunteers this study, and the appliance is not ready to patients patients.

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