Caliper launches new LabChip Dx system for clinical research laboratories Caliper Life Sciences.

Today announced the start of Caliper’s new, innovative LabChip Dx program for use by clinical study laboratories developing molecular diagnostic exams. The LabChip Dx platform is now obtainable in major markets all over the world and enables simultaneous analysis as high as ten different analytes in one sample. The LabChip Dx system is the latest next generation product platform utilizing Caliper’s microfluidic technology and intellectual home, and delivers ease of use combined with rapid, accurate, and cost-effective screening.Ishizuka and her co-workers have been collecting available peripheral cells and cells from individuals with schizophrenia and from regular settings, and using cell-engineering technology to convert them to neuronal cell lines. With these cell lines, as she’ll explain in her demonstration, Dr. Ishizuka and her group will work to build on the previous findings in pet models a particular modification to the Disk1 protein, a significant susceptibility aspect for schizophrenia, determines neural fate during advancement.

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