According to an updated systematic review by Cochrane researchers.

More than a million people die each full year from serious malaria, almost all in Sub-Saharan Africa. Artesunate was recommended as the preferred treatment for adults with serious malaria by the World Health Firm in 2006, but there is insufficient evidence at the time to recommend a differ from the typical treatment of quinine in children. Related StoriesTGen experts join international researchers in discovering how malaria protein could some day help stop cancerResearchers use cutting edge genomic methods to explain protective ramifications of malaria vaccine candidateDanish researchers face feasible breakthrough in fight cancerThe experts updated the review of artesunate by adding a fresh huge multicentre trial of African children published in the Lancet in 2010 2010 to the existing 8 trials.The total results showed that Brisdelle reduced hot flashes in comparison to placebo. The mechanism by which Brisdelle reduces sizzling flashes is unknown. Related StoriesPerimenopausal women at higher risk for developing insomniaReproductive history connected with cognitive impairment risk in postmenopausal womenResearch on investigational menopause drug wins first prize The most common side effects in individuals treated with Brisdelle had been headache, fatigue, and nausea/vomiting. Brisdelle includes 7.5 mg of paroxetine and is dosed once at bedtime daily.

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