Anonymous takes down NY STOCK MARKET herpes simplex virus.

Anonymous takes down NY STOCK MARKET; media pretends cyber attack was technical incompetence ‘glitch’ Demonstrating America’s intense vulnerability to activist-driven hackers who are trying to produce a point, the New York STOCK MARKET was shuttered for some of your day yesterday, stalling out a huge selection of vast amounts of dollars in trades. The lying mainstream mass media, of course, has rolled out a pathetic cover tale on all of this, claiming there was no hack herpes simplex virus . Rather, the NYSE is merely wholly incompetent and can’t run its own personal computers reliably, we’re told. Apparently, it would be far even worse to admit that Anonymous hackers were able to turn off the NYSE at will, bringing Wall Road to its knees without even being anywhere near Wall Street.

Getzinger was the house expert on The Dark Knight Rises. As such, there exists a chance he, actually, selected that map with what SANDY HOOK printed on it. The property master is responsible for all props used in a film. The Stamford Advocate story mentions that Getzinger’s accidental injuries were, at first, called non-life threatening by the police. But he died then. The last fact of the whole story is stunning, to say the least. Mr. Getzinger was a resident of. Newtown, Connecticut. As I and others have described previously, the production developer of The Dark Knight Rises, Nathan Crowley, relates to the infamous black-magic British legend, Aleister Crowley, known as The Great Beast 666 sometimes.

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