AstraZeneca announces U.

To put into action the new label, as of 15 September, 2005, AstraZeneca will initiate the Iressa Access Plan to fill up renewal prescriptions for Iressa through an individual mail purchase pharmacy for sufferers meeting the criteria established by the label. Iressa shall remain obtainable in the United States, through the Iressa Gain access to Program, for sufferers who are benefiting or who’ve benefited currently, pending option of new data that could support yet another revision to the label, or possible potential withdrawal. Approximately 4, 000 patients presently are taking Iressa in the usa. AstraZeneca and the FDA been employed by diligently to make sure uninterrupted gain access to for existing sufferers in the usa who are profiting from Iressa.These results offer a new potential hope to deal with the metabolic syndrome, Marcus said.. CUMC researchers use innovative algorithm to find driving force behind aggressive type of glioblastoma Using a forward thinking algorithm that analyzes gene signaling and regulatory networks, Columbia University Medical Center researchers have found that lack of a gene called KLHL9 may be the driving force at the rear of the most aggressive form of glioblastoma, the most typical form of brain malignancy. The CUMC team demonstrated in mice transplants these tumors could be suppressed by reintroducing KLHL9 protein, offering a possible strategy for dealing with this lethal disease.

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