Apples could hold key for increasing lifespan Sure.

‘This is actually the first study in human beings to examine the association between flavonoids and threat of developing Parkinson’s disease,’ stated study writer Xiang Gao, MD, PhD, in a statement to the mass media. ‘Our findings claim that flavonoids, specifically an organization called anthocyanins, may have neuroprotective effects. If confirmed, flavonoids could be a natural and healthy way to lessen your threat of developing Parkinson’s disease.’ For more information :.. Apples could hold key for increasing lifespan Sure, apples are delicious and healthy. And, as NaturalNews provides reported previously, there is a growing body of proof showing apples fight malignancy.Their heart is able to pump more than before treatment efficiently. For John it has meant, I can do anything I wish to perform. Adult stem cells preserved my life. Since adult stem cell therapies are not yet accepted in the U.S. The brothers experienced to gain acceptance by an accredited hospital that performs the operation, in their situations in Bangkok, Thailand. Top cardiologists measure the patient and then withdraw handful of blood from the arm which is definitely immediately flown to a laboratory in Israel. In the laboratory the stem cells which will help the heart muscle and increase blood flow to the affected areas are isolated and multiplied by many hundreds of thousands.

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