Results published in Hepatology now.

Lok, Kenneth M. Langa, Michael Volk. Hepatology; 21 December, 2011 ; Print Issue Time: January 2012.. Cirrhosis burden likely to climb in frail population New research shows that older Americans with cirrhosis have significantly even worse health status and better functional disability in comparison to those without this potentially deadly disease. In fact, results published in Hepatology now, a peer-examined journal of the American Association for the scholarly research of Liver Diseases, show that elderly sufferers with cirrhosis need twice the quantity of informal caregiving and contribute added pressure on the healthcare system.Our results suggest that TRP-2 is actually a powerful molecule linking chemotherapy and immunotherapy, said Keith L. Black, M.D, among the paper’s authors, director of the Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute and director of the medical center’s Division of Neurosurgery and Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program. Predicated on our results, it appears that we can improve chemotherapy sensitivity by targeting TRP-2 and perhaps other drug-resistant related tumor antigens. This can be a significant part of the fight against brain tumors and various other malignant cancers because once we have been in a position to develop very powerful and targeted chemicals, tumors have often been able to outmaneuver them, said Black.

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