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Favre stated, ‘When I 1st started playing, those 1st a decade, they didn’t maintain a log like they do now, so there’s no telling.’ Dr. Robert Glatter, a former New York Jets sideline doctor, says Farve’s symptoms are common. He explained, ‘Usually the CT scans or the initial scans we perform after a suspected head injury, which is serious, may be normal, but there’s practical changes – – changes concerning memory.’ Just this year, the NFL decided to pay out $765 million in a landmark concussion settlement with 4,500 retired players. Critics argue the league got off easy. But last month on ‘CBS This Morning,’ NFL commissioner Roger Goodell fired back again, saying, ‘What we could actually do was all compromise in our admissions.we’re in the center of the first experiment of multiple, serial passages of Ebola virus in man. God knows what this virus is going to look like. I don’t. Dangerous assumption #2) Ebola sufferers cannot spread the virus until they are symptomatic Another great leap of faith becoming made by the CDC is found in the wildly unscientific assertion that Ebola victims can’t spread the disease until they become symptomatic. But this wishy-washy term isn’t defined anywhere, neither is it universally applied or understood by medical professionals.

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