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If the discomfort starts by your stomach button and moves to the low right part of your abdomen, it may be appendicitis. Vomiting or Fever, along with discomfort that gets even worse and even worse and a lack of appetite, can also be indicators of appendicitis. Stress. Many, many children have a ‘nervous abdomen’ when they come to mind or stressed. BackContinueA Discomfort in the Brain If there is zero physical reason behind you to have stomach pain, the discomfort in your gut might really be considered a pain in the human brain.The various other subject matter was asked to drink a decoction of organic THC. The authors hypothesise that the result might have been as the THC have been ingested, rather than inhaled; digesting THC may produce potent THC metabolites, which induce psychotic effects. Study into designing THC-based medicines has boomed within the last few years, because of the many therapeutic ramifications of THC. These drugs could be used to ease muscle mass spasticity in multiple sclerosis individuals, restore appetite in AIDS individuals and alleviate nausea and pain in cancer individuals undergoing chemotherapy.

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