CPEX Pharmaceuticals to feature Nasulin at the Diabetes Technology Meeting CPEX Pharmaceuticals.

today announced that its intranasal insulin product candidate, NasulinTM, will be presented in an oral display and four abstracts at the Ninth Annual Diabetes Technology Achieving, 5-7 November, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Airport in San Francisco, California. Dr.m. PST on Saturday, November 7. Further details on the abstracts below are provided. A Randomized 6-Way Crossover Research of NasulinTM, Saline and Lispro in Topics with Type 2 Diabetes to Determine Optimum Dosage Timing An identical glucose-lowering effect may be attained by administering Nasulin either right before or at the end of the meal offering more versatility of dosing than with injectable insulins. Two Randomized Crossover Glucose Clamp Research of Lispro and NasulinTM In both Type1 diabetics and healthy volunteers, peak glucose metabolism rates occurred earlier with ultra-rapid performing Nasulin than with fast acting lispro.‘That is known as 'implicit training' since it happens therefore fast that some individuals might not realize what’s happening,’ stated Boutelle. ‘The AMP educated attention from food words as the letter often appeared in the location of the nonfood word within the other group, the problem trained interest was split with the letter showing up half of that time period in the meals word location and fifty % in the nonfood word location.’ Both computer applications differentially affected consuming in the over weight children after only 1 training session.

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